Once upon a time a fisherman found a fox. It had a shining fish in its mouth. A hunter arrived and shot the fox. The fox fell down and the fish jumped in the fisherman’s box. The fisherman was very surprised at that view: the shining fish was turning  into a beautiful young woman.

The fisherman asked her what was happening and she replied telling him about a spell. A devil wizard cost it: if that fish had fallen in a bucket of the Ionian sea water, she’d  have became a beautiful girl. So the fisherman decided to get that fantastic prize! But when he approached the beautiful girl to touch her, he was stuck for some seconds because he had to put 3 fishes and 3 mussels of the Ionian sea in the basket at least. On the same night the fisherman left with his boat to complete his mission.

After two hours of hard work, it started raining heavily and the sea began to fidget. He had to go back because he could also die there! But he needed only a fish to complete the impossible mission. Now the situation was critical and the man decided to go back disheartened.

He reached the harbor and saw a fantastic scene: the fox didn't die, because it wasn’t on the boat during the adventure, and had a fish in its mouth to help the fisherman. The man was very happy and, after some hours, the beautiful girl appeared and, finally, the man could touch her. They got married and they opened a fantastic sea food restaurant in Taranto and they bought a large enclosure to defend their fox’s family.

Daniele Chiappini