One day while I was walking along Gandoli , a local beach in Taranto, I found a dolphin in danger. I immediately tried to find out the cause of the problem: perhaps a strong current or a loss of senses. After an hour I realized that the real cause was the pollution from Ilva, the big steel farm in Taranto.

Then I tried to call for help, but the phone didn’t work. I had a panic attack and didn’t know how to help that animal. I was alone, but fortunately I heard some voices coming from the sea. They were magical mermaids which were swimming happily, and so I immediately called them to be helped. They asked me what the dolphin’s problem was and  I told them that the real problem was the pollution from Ilva, and so they decided to help me.

After some hours they succeeded in saving the ill dolphin and all together we decided to save each  sea animal stopping the pollution from Ilva.

Mirko Carrieri