Once upon a time a fisherman found a fox. It had a shining fish in its mouth. The hunter arrived and shot the fox. The fox fell down and the fish jumped in the fisherman’s bucket. The fisherman was so surprised at that view: the shining fish was changing itself into a beautiful young woman.

The fisherman asked her what had happened and she told him about a spell. An evil wizard did it, she was born in a castle. She was a princess!

Because of her parents were horrible people, when they expelled the court wizard from the castle. The wizard revenged himself turning their daughter into a fish, that was supposed to live forever in the clutches of a fox.

Only after the fox death, she would have been back as a woman and could have come back  to the castle, Once the story was unmasked , the fisherman brought her back to the castle where she joined her parents.

Marco Pistoia