It was a summer day in August like any other very hot day in that season. With my friends I decided to have a boat trip and spend the day laughing and joking as usual all together.

Late in the afternoon, while we were returning to leave our small boat in the harbor, very large and black  shadows began to move under our boat. We could not understand what was going on, but when two of them began to hop off the water, we realized that we were surrounded by beautiful dolphins. They were thrilled to see me, I took my go-pro to get a video with them. I swam and played for a while with them, after that they went on board.

It was an unforgettable experience and I couldn't wait to tell my friends about it. Unfortunately, when I went out from the boat my  go- pro fell down on the rocks and broke into a thousand pieces. Of course, when I told my friends what had happened no one believed me. I still have a beautiful memory of that amazing experience.

Mimmo Crescenzio