Taranto sea is surrounded by beautiful  plane areas that alternate with long stretches of beaches . They  remind us to the charming scenery of famous films. There are very big and famous beaches: Canneto Beach and Lido Gandoli are two of the most famous ones. Both of them are equipped with complete terraces overlooking the sea, bars and restaurants.

Last year I went to the beach with my friends. It was a school holiday so we enjoyed that moment .It was a great day in our life and we can’t forget it  because we saw some miracles on the beach.

It was a summer day so we went to  the sea on a boat. Some waves came fast and tried to hit  the boat. My friends were frightened. The waves came into the boat and  the boat was damaged so we jumped into the sea, but one of my friend couldn’t swim so he started shouting. We went and  saved him from the waves. After saving him we were alone in the middle of the sea. There wasn’t any boat or anything  else so we thought to leave that place because of darkness and we found an island. We went there and tried to contact someone, it was night time so we couldn’t get in touch with  anyone so we felt very sad. We decided to find some sticks to make a tent for sleeping. After that morning I woke up and saw my mum in my room. I realized those were dreams.

Danu Naghnathan